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The Mission

Why We Do What We Do

We are called to be heroes. We save lives.
We impact eternity.
We live to...

Days Us Eternity

Who are The300? We are 300 elite volunteers who host the most complex, family-friendly, and fun pro-life fundraiser in the nation – The Rally Round 4 UltraSound: 5 events, spanning 2 days, with one mission – to illuminate hope for pregnant women through the power of ultrasound, and to make abortions RARE by CHOICE.

100% of the funds raised at the Rally go to 4US, an all-volunteer charity based in Washington State. Since 2006, 4US has placed over 50 ultrasound machines in pregnancy resource centers throughout the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. WHY? Upon seeing her baby on an ultrasound in one of our beneficiary centers, 96% of women choose life.

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