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The phone you will have with you at the event. If you do not have a cellphone, let us know by entering "None".


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If your team name is not yet available, register as an individual and you will be assigned to a team when your team captain creates the team. In the Comment section below, please enter the name of your team organizer or the name of the team that hasn't been created yet (if you know it), as well as any other special information and we'll be able to assign you when the team is created.
If Creating a Team, before adding any members, you must submit your own registration as the Team Captain. Do NOT add any additional team members until you have received an email indicating that your Team Page has been created." You will then be able to add as many team members as you like in subsequent registrations.

Is your team a LifeLine Team?

This is the team name that will be depicted on the back of your 300 mission tee.
The Team Captain is responsible for creating the team, managing the team's fundraising page, and will be the main point of contact for team issues.

Your Preferences

Reusing last year's tee helps us save time & treasure on custom tees. We will not charge you for a new tee if you've outgrown it, worn it out, or changed teams. If none of those apply, then fill out your desired customizations and we'll charge you an additional $15 on AUG 1 for a new shirt.

Job Preferences

Which will you be for the Sound & Light Games?

Click here for more information about the Sound & Light Games.

Advance team members serve 4 days. Will you join the advance team?

Click here to see what it means to be on the advance team. It's required for LifeLine Teams, Ops Staff, Division & Squad Leads

Advance Team Job Preference

Will you bring you Advance Team Teeshirt from 2017?

Reusing last year's tee helps us save time & treasure on custom tees.

Interested in a 300 Mission Trip Leadership Position?

Please note for those interested in being squad leads you must register online before March 1 and agree to setup and serve the "All-in-One" Mini event at the Lakewood Summerfest, Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14, 2018. Those serving will be credited with 50% of their fundraising obligation. For more information on the mini event, please click here.

Interested in helping us at Lakewood Summerfest?

Summerfest mini-event from Friday, July 13th at 12:00 p.m. to Saturday, July 14th at 10:00 p.m. Click here for more info on the mini-event.

Emergency Contact

Are you willing to be a chaperone?

Click here to see what is required of chaperones to receive $100 pledge discount.

I've reviewed the chaperone responsibilities page and am willing to submit to a background check.


SAFE Training

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Are you the parent/guardian of another 300/Light Brigade member?

What are the (first and last) names of those children?

Are you joining The300/Light Brigade along with another family?

What's the name of the family you're joining with?


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We use this to track who to contact for any issues with this volunteer registration. If you are making a payment, this should also match the name on your credit card.
If you're registering yourself, this is the same as the email you used above. If you've registered multiple people or are registering on someone's behalf, this lets us track who can make changes to this registration.


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Registrant agrees to receiving emails from The300/Light Brigade/Advance team. Members of The300 and the Light Brigade will raise 100% of their fundraising obligation by November 1, 2018 or ask for help by July 15, 2018 by contacting us. IMPORTANT: up to 50% of your fundraising obligation will be charged to the credit card on file if you have not reached 50% of your obligation by August 1, 2018. In addition, the remainder of your fundraising obligation will be charged to your credit card on file on November 2, 2018, unless you have arranged for extra time to be granted.

I have read and agree to the waiver (full waiver can be found here)

By initialing this form, you are legally signing your consent.